100 Things to do in France

Bobby SHEPHERD / 21h16 - 19 january 2018 / 0 comments

By Janet Rogers The country of France is literally filled with medieval cities, alpine villages, and glorious beaches.

Vineyards and wines make it world famous, as do the many classical museums and monuments. Ancient caves with prehistoric drawings, theatres and palaces, art galleries and eclectic villages – there is something for everyone in this amazing country!

What about trying 'The Champagne Route' - while you may think that the region of Champagne only relates to the fizzy drink, you will find more there than just grapes. The area is an oasis of cute villages and fine historical heritage. It covers five districts and has large towns of Reims and Épernay as you pass through.

There are many champagne houses where you are able to taste, and even have a candlelight dinner in the cellar. It is a great idea to take an RV along this route, there are many camp sites you can stop at and spend a day or two. You can drive for as many days as you please along the route, and stop overnight in any small village.

There's a multitude of things to do and see in France, even if you are French and live in France you probably haven't seen it all, go to https://www.your-rvlifestyle.com/things-to-do-in-france.html and visit somewhere new.