The Alternative French Fashion Week

18h36 - 01 may 2022 / 0 comments

151600Le béret is a popular flat wool chapeau synonymous with folk in the Béarnaise countryside. It became fashionable in the 1930s after being worn rakishly askew by a number of movie actresses. However, it’s a myth that a lot of French people wear them. C'est du fake news!

Unknown-1OK, so we know France is renowned for its sophisticated cuisine, so what bigger Franco food export is there than a French stick? La baguette, along with le croissant, is arguably the most famous French food item - certainly in the English-speaking world. Baguette, pâté et voilà!

_71793214_71793212The Onion Johnny. This look dates back to the iconic French itinerants who crossed the Channel from Brittany each and every spring to flog newly-harvested onions. Although it is thought a handful of these chaps still operate between northern France and Scotland. It’s certainly not the institution it once was.

french-waiter11France has long had a reputation for surly waiters - and anyone who has experienced it will tell you just how they do it. Raise your eyebrows and shoulders simultaneously - then accompany it with a very vocal “Bof”. That’s it, you’ve nailed the Gallic shrug.

41448f346d3b7959baa2d7837769c6b2-gilets-jaunes-appel-un-nouveau-rassemblement-paris-samedi-prochainGilet Jaune. What? A yellow bib? It might sound crazy but there’s a large group of people wearing them around the streets in Paris...otherwise known as protestors. Blame the president.

Unknown Camembert. This beautiful fromage is so powerful it even inspired Salvador Dalí to create the clocks in his famous piece The Persistence of Memory.


french-girls-perfume-6Perfume. The word comes from the Latin perfumare, which means “to smoke through”. The ancient art of making the stuff dates back to ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt, before it was further refined by the Romans and the Arabs. Today you’d find it hard to source better perfume than that from France.