Want to blog for us?

22h42 - 03 august 2017

EnglishWaves wants to attract the most talented and passionate guest bloggers...

Will London Fall? By Sarah Lyall, New York Times

13h32 - 20 april 2017

Will London Fall after Brexit? By Sarah Lyall.

Get dirty outside!

08h24 - 18 april 2017

One hour is the average time per day that children spend outside. One single hour, only!

Green Browsing

08h18 - 18 april 2017

The Internet industry today releases more than 600 million tons of greenhouse gases every year. A figure that is equivalent to that of the airline...

Climate Scepticism

07h42 - 18 april 2017

Some people - far enough from the risk - choose to ignore it. Others develop what we could call an “eco-phobia”: a fear or dismissal of...

Nature is a Library

19h18 - 17 april 2017

Behind biomimicry, Nature - due to its ability to adapt - has already optimally solved many, if not all problems we humans are tearing our hair out...

Feeding the 7 Billion

18h56 - 17 march 2017

Supporting anti food waste initiatives is at the same time economical, fun, trendy and environmentally proactively friendly