100 Things to do in France

21h16 - 19 january 2018

By Janet Rogers The country of France is literally filled with medieval cities, alpine villages, and glorious beaches.

2017: France Review

14h57 - 23 december 2017

So, this is Christmas and what have you done? Another year over and a new one just begun. Well, almost. As with any year, 2017 had its highs and...

Christmas is illegal...!?

23h01 - 17 december 2017

If you decide to eat a Christmas pudding this year, you'll be committing a criminal offence...

When did our Appetite for Meat get so Big?

10h24 - 10 december 2017

The global food industry implicates a very large group of people: everyone on the planet.

The True Cost of Fashion

11h14 - 04 december 2017

More than 2 billion people form the ‘global consumer class’, and that number is poised to grow exponentially as the developing world continues to...

Motorway Tolls in France - Who Sets the Price?

10h52 - 26 november 2017

As of February 2018, toll rates for motorways will increase by approximately 1.04% to 2.05%. Claudia Cohen of French Radio London (FRL) looks into...

Let the Pros Make the Programmes

19h06 - 19 november 2017

Dr John Grierson explains why TV programme-making should be the preserve of the professionals, not children.

Turn Off, Tune Out and Don’t Buy It

11h22 - 12 november 2017

Dr John Grierson prescribes his antidote to the advertising campaigns poisoning commercial TV and radio.

Dear Auntie, You Need to Lose Weight

18h05 - 05 november 2017

Dr John Grierson explains why the BBC has, quite frankly, lost it.

Weinstein: the First Witch to be Hanged?

21h20 - 23 october 2017

News of TV and film mogul Harvey Weinstein’s alleged indiscretions have left us all saddened but not surprised.